January 21, 2024

Decent Cybersecurity Leads Revolutionary Integration of Blockchain and Post-Quantum Cryptography in UAS at Drone Summit, Dublin 2024

Speaker Announcement

Dublin, Ireland – The Drone Summit Dublin 2024, a preeminent event in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry, is poised to unfold at the prestigious Royal Dublin Society (RDS). Among the high-profile cadre of speakers is the Founder and Chairman of Decent Cybesecurity Matej Michalko. Michalko is set to deliver a compelling discourse on the critical integration of blockchain and post-quantum cryptography within UAS, offering an in-depth analysis from a European context.

Decent Cybersecurity: A Pacesetter in Technological Mastery

Renowned for its pioneering strides in AI and quantum-resistant blockchain for data protection, Decent Cybersecurity has etched its name globally, boasting an impressive portfolio of awards including Startup of the Year, Best Newcomer, and the Challenger Award for the fastest-growing tech company. The firm’s presence at the Drone Summit epitomizes its relentless pursuit of innovation and its staunch commitment to securing digital landscapes across the globe.

Drone Summit Dublin 2024: A Symposium of Future Technologies

Scheduled for March 1st – 2nd, 2024, the Drone Summit Dublin is more than an event; it’s a confluence of innovative minds, futuristic technologies, and transformative ideas. The summit is expected to provide a fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge, with a lineup of esteemed speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors all set to redefine the future of UAS and allied technologies.

Matej Michalko: A Vanguard in Blockchain and Cybersecurity Innovation

Matej Michalko, the Chairman & Founder of Decent Cybersecurity, is recognized as an influential force in the blockchain and cybersecurity sectors. With a rich history of groundbreaking achievements and a commitment to advancing digital security, Michalko’s involvement in the Drone Summit Dublin 2024 is highly anticipated. His track record includes pioneering contributions to the blockchain space, the inception of game-changing enterprises, and commendable recognition from prestigious entities like Forbes and the NATO Industrial Advisory Group.

His speech at the summit, “Exploring the Intersection of Blockchain and Post-Quantum Cryptography in U-Space, UTM, and UAS: Insights from a European Context”, is set to address the intricate fusion of blockchain technology and post-quantum cryptography within the sphere of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Michalko’s insights promise to shed light on the pivotal role of blockchain’s immutable ledger and decentralized structure in enhancing secure data communication in U-Space and UTM. His expertise in navigating the challenges posed by quantum computing threats and his foresight in integrating post-quantum cryptographic algorithms positions him as a luminary at the forefront of technological evolution in the UAS industry.

Decent Cybersecurity: A Pillar of Trust and Advanced Solutions

In an age where technological evolution is incessant, Decent Cybersecurity stands firm in its mission to lead the forefront of innovation and reliability. The company’s engagement at the Drone Summit Dublin 2024 signifies its dedication to pioneering a future where robust technology is the cornerstone of cyber defense, ensuring a secure, interconnected global community.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future Through Innovation

As the Drone Summit Dublin 2024 beckons, the event promises to be a watershed moment in the realms of UAS and cybersecurity. With thought leaders including Matej Michalko and dynamic enterprises like Decent Cybersecurity steering the dialogue, the summit is expected to mark a significant milestone in the journey towards a future where technology is the linchpin of security, efficiency, and progressive transformation.

For more details about the Drone Summit Dublin 2024 and the participation of Decent Cybersecurity, please reach out to business@decentcybersecurity.eu.

Decent Cybersecurity remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the vanguard of cybersecurity, constantly innovating and adapting to the demands of an ever-evolving digital epoch.

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