We safeguard the world's most critical data and infrastructures.

At Decent Cybersecurity, we are driven by the vision of a secure, interconnected world. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions that protect vital information and assets, ensuring peace of mind in an age where digital threats are ever-present and increasingly sophisticated.

NATO, EU and National Security Clearance (Secret)

Decent Cybersecurity is a holder of an industrial certificate of the National Security Authority to the classification level “Secret” at the national level and also in relation to the EU and NATO at the same level of secrecy.
National Security Authority of Slovakia

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Decent Cybersecurity, leveraging years of experience in disruptive technologies and automated systems, operates at the forefront of cybersecurity, particularly in high-stakes environments like space operations and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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Nato Support and Procurement Agency
National Security Authority of Slovakia
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