February 16, 2024

Decent Cybersecurity at the Forefront of European Innovation: Day 2 Highlights from Successful R&I in Europe 2024

On the second day of the “Successful R&I in Europe 2024” event in Düsseldorf, Germany, Decent Cybersecurity continued to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cybersecurity and blockchain technology across the continent. The day was rich with discussions on the latest advancements and potential applications for EU project funding, highlighting the intersections where Decent Cybersecurity’s expertise in post-quantum encryption, blockchain technology, and future-proof cybersecurity solutions could significantly contribute to European innovation.

Innovations for Europe Based in NRW and Beyond

The day commenced with an exhibition showcasing “Innovations for Europe based in NRW,” setting the stage for a day focused on collaboration and technological advancement. Dr. Bernd Janson, the conference moderator, welcomed participants to a series of enlightening sessions that underscored the importance of collaborative innovation in tackling the challenges of the digital era.

Keynote Sessions and Success Stories

The morning sessions featured keynotes and success stories from across North Rhine-Westphalia, including notable projects like AgroServ and StentGuard, which exemplify the region’s contribution to European research and innovation. These presentations provided valuable insights into the practical applications of cutting-edge technologies and the potential for future collaborations.

Parallel Workshops: A Convergence of Ideas

The heart of the day’s agenda was the parallel workshops, where “European projects seeking partners” were discussed across various domains, including Health, Creative Industries, Energy, and Digital Technologies. Each session offered a unique perspective on the current state of research and innovation, highlighting opportunities for Decent Cybersecurity to engage in meaningful collaborations.

In the Health sector, discussions on “Innovation Procurement” and the development of “Smart Peptides” for combating cognitive impairment showcased the potential for integrating Decent Cybersecurity’s post-quantum encryption technologies to protect sensitive health data and ensure the privacy and security of medical research.

The Creative Industries sessions, particularly those focusing on “Simulators for Training Purposes” and “Generative AI,” presented opportunities for leveraging Decent Cybersecurity’s blockchain technology to create secure, transparent, and immutable records for intellectual property and digital assets.

Energy workshops, discussing “Sustainable Process Industries” and “Renewable Energy Storage Solutions,” highlighted the need for secure data transmission and storage solutions, areas where Decent Cybersecurity’s future-proof technologies can play a crucial role.

In Digital Technologies, the emphasis on “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces” and the “Transition to Post-Quantum Cryptography” directly aligned with Decent Cybersecurity’s core competencies, offering avenues for collaboration on projects aimed at enhancing Europe’s digital infrastructure’s security and resilience.

Fostering EU Project Funding Consortia

The discussions and presentations from other speakers revealed numerous intersections and potential applications for EU project funding, where Decent Cybersecurity’s technologies could significantly contribute. By engaging in consortia for Horizon Europe projects, Decent Cybersecurity aims to leverage its expertise in post-quantum encryption, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity to address the emerging threats of tomorrow, ensuring a secure digital future for Europe.


The second day of “Successful R&I in Europe 2024” was a testament to the vibrant ecosystem of innovation within Europe and the critical role that Decent Cybersecurity plays within it. As the event continues, Decent Cybersecurity remains committed to fostering partnerships and exploring new avenues for collaboration, driving the advancement of secure, transparent, and resilient digital solutions for Europe and beyond.

For more information on our solutions and potential collaborations, please contact us at business@decentcybersecurity.eu.